America 250


Celebrate the 250th Birthday of the United States of America and the Patriots that achieved American Independence with gifts to the nation at the National Society level, and through the meaningful activities at the state and chapter levels to promote a more enlightened public through education. 

  • Instill public pride in our Patriot ancestors.  
  • Demonstrate DAR’s relevancy to communities.
  • Encourage family history research and DAR membership.


  • Provide for national celebrations of significant events from our founding at least once in each of the original 13 states during the period from 2022 through 2033.
  • Support states and chapters with a funding mechanism to assist when hosting an event in the local community. Compile a comprehensive list of funded activities for the archives.
  • Provide an educational gift to the nation using the America 250! Fund.
  • Complete the Pathway of the Patriots.

External Observances 

Join us as we begin to travel the path through the original 13 states, highlighting key contributions, events, and the people that changed history, each event timed with the addition of 250 years. During the Wright Administration, national events will focus on Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York.

250 Markers in PENNSYLVANIA

Map of PA Markers